Where do we start? So much to see, yet you do not just see Maine. Her rugged coast and endless forests absorb anyone who enters the land. Driving further into her depths, you morph into a state of mind. The dramatic and varied vistas tug at your creative sensibilities. A fierce independence overcomes you. You long to be self-sufficient. Who needs modern conveniences? A weather-tight cabin, wood for the fireplace, and a stocked pantry would suffice. Making friends with the lobster trappers. Lobster is a must.

But would you have what it takes?

The winters are long and the snow piles deep. Offshore, islands contain quaint communities with tight societies – would they accept an outsider? The lobster families are territorial and, if you bellied up to the local bar, the pub talk might remind you that, like all local fishing industries, the locals fight to make a living in a changing economy.

You could watch these lobster boats from shore as they motor from trap to trap. Mounds of rosy granite rise up from tide pools and the rocks are reminiscent of the resolve needed to survive in beautiful landscapes that are indeed powerful, not passive.

But, thrive you would while reminded of what the human spirit craves. Thick stands of pine-scented air complimented by water lapping at miles of shorelines created by ocean, lakes, and ponds. Wildlife such as puffins and moose are a treat to see among breath taking settings, elusive of a camera lens. Why even bother? Screens and devices are no match for Cadillac Mountain and Frenchman Bay. Days here are designed for reading, hiking, canoeing and painting and while LL Bean will outfit you for the seasons, you will favor small shops filled with goods delivered by local potters and weavers. Your sensibilities now properly inspired, the question will no longer be “can you build a life here?” The question now being, “How will you ever be able to leave?”

Click on the arrows or dots to take a trip around Schoodic Penninsula

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