Dana weaves decades of east coast, deep south, and international travel into playful storytelling tinged with bigger ideas and the often-inexplicable ways of the universe. Countless backroads, waterways, small towns, big cities, odd occurrences, and curious characters have wandered into her fictional accounts published through her novels along with a multitude of independent sources. Her essays have appeared in countless journals, newspapers and online & print collections. As a certified, experienced elementary teacher, she transforms young writers into young authors through her youth writing intensive program where student work is published in the annual anthology, In a Flash

“… I can emphatically say this work is one of the most unique and compelling novels, I’ve read in a long time. Dana Thomas Weber uses language with precision and stunning proficiency. The novel is beautifully crafted. There is a good deal of movement throughout the narrative and yet not once did I feel “lost” or “out of sync” with the setting. The descriptive passages of the Louisiana swamp are near perfect.”

Independent review of A Hat for Two Heads

“This is a great story to get lost in – the perfect beach read! It has interesting characters and some creative and unexpected twists. I enjoyed the protagonist’s journey of growth while encountering curious characters along the way.”

Independent Review of A Hat for Two Heads

“This was just the story I needed, at the right time, to remind me what life is all about. A great perspective. This book brightened my summer. A delightful read.”

Independent Review of The Tallest Timbers

“Dana Thomas Weber creates a timely portrait of “the American dream.” Heroine Lacey Williams blindly accepts that ideal with all of the trappings, the right car, the right clothes, a posh address, yet is sadly unfulfilled. Dana takes us on a wonderful journey with Lacey, as she seeks authenticity in her life and creates a new American utopia for herself…this time, dreaming with her eyes wide open.”

Independent Review of The Tallest Timbers

“Weber’s first novel is delightful. She not only keeps the readers interest by creating a story rich in characters and scenery, but allows the reader to wonder “what if.” By following Lacey on her journey to self-fulfillment, the reader cannot help but wonder how she can make her own life better, richer, and happier. With each turn of the page I was able to not only root for Lacey, but for myself and my future. As a career woman and mother, I am always striving to live the best life possible. In a society where money and ownership of stuff is valued, it can be easy to lose ones true self. The Tallest Timbers gave me permission to value the things I want most in life and urged me to make a plan. Do yourself a favor and take time to read this novel and start to dream about what could be.”

Independent Review of The Tallest Timbers
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